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Here are a few questions asked to previous customers and their answers:
  1. Did ACS keep an open line of communication between contractor and customer?
    • Yes, ACS always made time to answer our questions, and kept us well informed during the entire process of the project.
  2. Were you pleased with the quality of the work performed by ACS?
    • Very
  3. Were you satisfied with ACS's business practices?
    • Yes, everyone associated with ACS were professional and pleasure to work with. Also it was a pleasure not to be approached with extras and/or change orders like I have experienced when using other contractors.
  4. Did the crew show up on time and were they reliable?
    • Yes, ACS always arrived on time and kept us well informed if those times changed. ACS never left us in doubt of when they were going to show up.
  5. Were you comfortable with the people that ACS subcontracted to?
    • Absolutely, even on the rare occasions when ACS did use a subcontractor, the subcontractors they used were also professional and courteous and ACS always had supervision on-site.
  6. Was the job completed on schedule?
    • Yes, ACS informed us of a projected time of substantial completion and kept us up-to-date on their schedule. We had a very tight time frame and even when we requested additional work, ACS made the necessary adjustments to their schedules and was still able to meet our time line.
  7. Did ACS fulfill the proposed scope of work and/or contract?
    • Yes, ACS provided a detailed itemized scope-of-work and completed each and every item without us having to recall them to anything being uncompleted.
  8. Were the final touches completed in a timely manner?
    • Yes, although we didn't find much of anything that needed 'final touches', ACS seemed to make allowances is their business practices to make the time to complete any items we found without them having to reschedule a return date to complete any 'final touches'.
  9. Was the job site kept clean during the project?
    • This was, among other things, one of the most astonishing things that impressed me (us) the most with ACS. They ALWAYS ensured that the area in which the work was being performed was clean at the end of each business day and kept other areas protected from debris and dust (as much as possible). Even when they had indicated to us (before work began) that they would keep the areas as clean as possible and that they would be doing a final clean at the end of the project, I was skeptical (based on past experiences with other contractors over the years), and anticipated that I would be doing a degree of cleaning after the work was completed. However, I was amazed!!!!.... Little to no additional cleaning on my part was specifically necessary.
  10. Did ACS manage the overall project and process in such a way to ensure your satisfaction?
    • Yes, ACS always had supervision on-site and communicated well with us. ACS kept us informed of what to expect each day as the project progressed. They were very considerate in minimizing any inconvenience of "work-in-progress". This appeared to be achieved by throughly planning and maintaining efficient focus on each phase. 
  11. Did any issues arise during the project? How did ACS handle them?
    • Yes, unfortunately there usually seems to be unexpected issues that occur with any construction project. However, ACS made every effort to avoid issues from arising and made allowances to handle them without approaching us for additional $$$(unless it was absolutely unforeseen and/or unavoidable).
  12. Did you request any 'Changes' or 'Additional Work' to be done during the project and, if so, how did ACS handle them?
    • Yes, we had both 'changes' and 'additional items' during the project and ACS was always open minded and very accommodating to our needs and desires.
  13. Would you use ACS again?
    • Absolutely. We WILL, without hesitation, use ACS again. Even though ACS encourages us to get other proposals (being the smart thing to do), we do not feel compelled to do so. ACS provides us with quality work, courteous and professional associates, and has always tried to work within our budget.
  14. Would you recommend ACS to others in need of construction and/or painting services?
    • Absolutely, without hesitation, I (we) have already done so, and will continue to do so.